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Each Mad Map is hand drawn by Toronto artist Jillian Bunting. Jillian’s interest in travelling the world is what inspired this concept. She's spanned numerous borders by car, by train and even by foot! 


Before she puts pencil to paper, Jillian studies the streets, rivers, parks, lines and contours of a specific city. Oftentimes, she draws cities she has visited and felt a connection with. She also maps out places she longs to visit. By drawing them, she is somehow closer to getting there. 


Mad Maps is a celebration of old and new art forms and cities that evolve over time. Jillian is drawing a particular city in a given moment - like a hand-drawn snapshot!


After each design is complete, it is printed on quality fabrics and materials.


Thank you for sporting Jillian’s meticulous craft and love of travel.

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